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Ben, a visionary artist, is immersed in the world of composition and conducting as he pursues his studies at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a boundless imagination, Ben's heart beats to the rhythms of both music and the arts, spanning the realms of composition and filmmaking. His compositions have resonated on the global stage, finding a home in competitions and orchestras across the world, including the esteemed Costa Rica New Orchestra, where he has earned numerous accolades and garnered acclaim throughout his journey. Notably, Ben's recent composition received high praise in Limelight Magazine, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Ben's passion for music was kindled during his high school years, initially as a hobby that would eventually ignite into an all-consuming passion. His formal education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music introduced him to the tutelage of luminaries in the field, including the likes of Daniel Rojas, Ella Macens, Fiona Hill, and Joe Manton. In addition to his compositional prowess, Ben has embraced the art of conducting, learning from the masterful guidance of John Lynch, George Ellis, and Stephen Mould. His journey as a conductor began as a self-taught endeavor, fueled by an unquenchable love for music and a deep-seated desire to inspire those who hear his work.

Ben's dedication to his craft is evident in his rapid progress at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He completed the undergraduate conducting program within his first year and continued to pursue advanced studies alongside his Bachelor's degree. Notably, he currently lends his expertise as Assistant Conductor to Associate Prof. Roger Benedict, supporting the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Symphony Orchestra, Assistant Conductor of Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra, and as Music Director of the Macquarie University Symphony Orchestra.

For Ben, music transcends mere auditory pleasure; it is a source of inspiration. This profound belief resonates throughout his compositions and conducting, infusing each note with a passionate fervor that seeks to touch the hearts and souls of all who experience his artistry.

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