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Omid Moheb-Zadeh, a dynamic and talented conductor, has carved a captivating path through the world of orchestral music, leaving his mark as a visionary artist and inspiring leader. With an innate passion for conducting and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Moheb-Zadeh's journey from his early musical endeavors to becoming the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director is a tale of artistic growth, mentorship, and innovation.


Born and raised in Iran, Omid Moheb-Zadeh's affinity for music was kindled from an early teens. His journey unfolded with the melodies of classical piano, and he pursued this passion by enrolling in the Australian Institute of Music. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors like Dr. Wojciech Wiśniewski, Dr. Suzanna Hlinka, and Dr. Alistair Noble, he honed his skills and earned a Bachelor of Music, majoring in classical piano performance and conducting.


It was Omid’s unwavering interest in conducting that set his path ablaze. Recognizing his innate talent, he ascended the ranks swiftly, securing the position of assistant conductor for the AIM Chamber Orchestra. Under the mentorship of conductor Sarah-Grace Williams, he embarked on a transformative journey, absorbing insights into the art of conducting and orchestration.


Omid’s thirst for knowledge led him to further horizons. Guided by his desire to refine his craft, he pursued advanced studies in orchestral conducting, benefiting from a scholarship awarded by The Metropolitan Orchestra. Not content with local tutelage alone, he studied score reading, analysis, and conducting at Juilliard Online, enriching his understanding of orchestral dynamics and interpretation.


As he continued his educational odyssey, Moheb-Zadeh's path intertwined with the luminaries of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Masters in Opera Conducting became his next milestone, supported by the prestigious Helen Quach Conducting Scholarship. Today, he remains an integral part of the conservatory, contributing as an assistant conductor and research staff, nurturing the next generation of musical luminaries.


Moheb-Zadeh's influence spans beyond academia. He wields the baton as a guest conductor for the North Sydney Youth Orchestra, and as a musical director for the Men's Shed Chorale and Eastern Sydney Chamber Choir and Orchestra. His artistic vision crystallized with the establishment of the Sydney Concert Orchestra in 2022, a testament to his leadership and ambition.

"Like the great maestro [Leonard Bernstein], Zadeh is a brilliant storyteller....strives to evoke the imagery of the tales that inspired them....[and] is a natural entertainer who eschews conventional stuffiness"

 - Jansson J. Antmann | Limelight Magazine

Omid Moheb-Zadeh's journey is enriched by encounters with musical giants. Masterclasses and workshops under the tutelage of renowned conductors such as Rob McWilliams, Brett Kelly, Carlo Montanaro, and Brett Weymark have shaped his artistry, broadening his understanding of orchestral interpretation and leadership.


Omid Moheb-Zadeh's journey from piano virtuoso to orchestral conductor is a testament to his commitment, innovation, and artistic spirit. He continues to weave harmonious narratives that resonate with audiences and musicians alike, painting emotive soundscapes that transcend time and genre. As he wields his baton, the symphonies he conducts stand as testaments to his unyielding dedication and passion for the symphonic arts.

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